They told me what they thought of how I learnt, “C minus if they were being generous”.

But then I went on to develop and teach a whole new way of learning. 


They told me I was lazy, unmotivated, too messy, too wriggly, not destined to do well. Well, they were wrong. They told me “You’re not smart enough to teach” and while I believed them for a while others helped me to see that they were wrong. 

They told me “this is how we do it, this is what we think of as intelligence and how we will measure it, this is our body of evidence, this is how we have always done it”. But unfortunately, they couldn’t help the 1 in 7 of us, who think differently and who are smart. They tried to fix us, to make us think and learn the same way they do. But we were not broken, and we did not need fixing, but they didn’t understand this. 

They blamed our parents and our culture when their failures brought out the very worst in us, and when we could stand it no longer and removed ourselves from the pain they were causing us they still blamed us.

But we were not to blame, we were not bad, we were protecting ourselves. They got rid of those of us who think differently to them and we have been scattered to the prisons, the welfare systems, suffering with poor mental health or we hide in shame, but others of us thrive in boardrooms, and businesses, and successful startups all across the globe, and still, they have no answers for us. 




"Overall, this research found the Mpowered programme to be achieving overwhelmingly positive results.


The majority of those who had undertaken other dyslexia programmes reported that  Mpowered was better than the other programmes they had used."

Dr Jarrod Gilbert - Research Director at Independent Research Solutions

While figures change depending on which country the stats come from, (that includes how testing is done, what the definition used is etc), it is now estimated that between 10 - 20% of people worldwide have dyslexia. That amounts to conservatively 780 million up to 1.56 billion people. 780 million is 2x the population of the United States of America in 2020. 1.56 billion people are more than the population of China in 2020.

This is a global issue that is not going away any time soon.

Only 4% of people view dyslexia positively, leaving the other 96% with a negative view.


Where has this negative view come from and how has it become so persuasive throughout society?  The school system is where most of these views are formed, with significant consequences for students with dyslexia, particularly as they reinforce a view that is based on a warped deficiency model. These views can have a lifelong, and very detrimental effect on people with dyslexia.

When between 10 -20% of people have dyslexia and only 4% view it as positive, this is a huge contributor to poor mental health and other issues they face unnecessarily.

At least half of all prison inmates have significant dyslexia, so does having dyslexia make you behave badly?  Not necessarily.


Does struggling in a school system where you cannot access learning/education have an effect on self-esteem, self-worth, and self-belief? Yes definitely. 


Can this affect behaviour and life choices and/or life outcomes? Yes definitely.


Could changing the way we educate dyslexic children and prison inmates radically change the outcomes for this grossly over-represented group within society? Yes definitely. 

Over a third of all successful Entrepreneurs are dyslexic and over 40% of the self-made millionaires are also dyslexic.

The innate skills we have as dyslexic people, when identified and supported appropriately, often outside of mainstream education, allows us to thrive and shape any industry we choose to engage in. Our ability to “think outside the box”, visualise, and use our 3D spatial abilities, (just to name a few), position us to innovate, create, and envision a world and future that does not even exist yet, and then bring it to life. The world needs strong, thriving dyslexic people.  Over 50% of the people who work at NASA have dyslexia, so it can be done.




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