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We use the analogy of comparing an Apple device with a Microsoft computer when helping students and their parents to understand what is going on in school.


Children who have dyslexia are like “Apples”; working and trying to learn from a system that is designed, taught and delivered by “Microsofts”. These students are wired differently and have a different operating system, they will never be a “Microsoft student”, they will not perform tasks in the same way, or articulate information in testing the way that is easy for a “Microsoft student” to do. It is this mismatch that causes so many of the problems for teachers and students alike.


When students are asked to do a task such as identify a word when reading (eg cat), “Microsoft students” typically only think of the word (C.A.T), “Apple students” however, start processing multiple possibilities the particular word could relate to (eg a pet, a wild cat, the digger company etc). This process happens so quickly they are often not even aware of it; the “Microsoft student” has only had a singular thought and come out with the answer so quickly, it is deemed in comparison that an “Apple” is slow to process. The reality is, the “Apple” has had so many more thoughts to sift through until they found the answer they think the teacher is asking for. 

When the dyslexic students realise they are actually an Apple and not a broken Microsoft they have such a sense of relief because most initially believe they are just dumb, as they have had that message subliminally re-enforced every day.

At Mpowered, we help them see that what they need is an Apple technician to show them how an Apple learns, and then we teach them how to apply those new skills to be able to learn from a “Microsoft teacher” back in their classroom or in everyday life. When they are taught to understand this wiring and use it to their advantage, they will be able to compete in a Microsoft world. They will be seen as bright, intelligent, motivated students. They will discover their true potential.


"Dyslexic children are like “Apples” working in a “Microsoft" world, they are not broken, sick or disabled, they are wired differently and DO NOT need rewiring" - Helen Wildbore

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